Jumbo Size Boneless Skinless

Chicken Thighs

Fresh All Natural. These are perfect grilling chicken for your Memorial Day backyard barbecue. Enjoy marinated or smothered in you favorite barbecue sauce.


Sourced with care

Locally and sustainably sourced meats.

When it comes to quality and selection Fircrest Market’s meat department is second to none. Whether it’s Grass-Fed Beef, locally organic and free range chicken or our sustainable seafoods, we have all you need to feel good about what you feed your family.

Fresh USDA Choice Boneless Beef Whole Flank Steaks $8.99/Lb.

A classic cut for grilling and slicing for fajitas, marinated and added to a stir fry or slow cooked in a tasty stroganoff.

Mary's Fresh All Natural Whole Chickens $2.99/Lb.

Air chilled. Great grilled whole for a Memorial Day beer can chicken or season and roast in the oven. Perfect for cutting up and grilling as pieces.

A cut above the rest.

Our butchers are here to help.

Our friendly butchers at Fircrest are here to help and will gladly cut any of our meat selections to your order and even offer serving or preparation suggestions for a particular cut of meat. In the back they are busy creating Fircrest’s own house-made marinades for meats that are tumbled and vacuumed packed. Perfect for delicious quick and easy dinners for the family and friends.

Super Holiday Special Boneless Beef USDA Prime Ribeye Steaks $17.99/Lb.

All‑natural, minimally processed beef that contains no hormone or antibiotic residues. These Rib Eye steaks are distinguished by their rich marbling that runs through each steak. It is this marbling that slowly melts and bastes the meat throughout the cooking process, imparting a profusion of flavor and a buttery texture. Experience this rare and flavorful indulgence.

Fresh Tumble Marinated Boneless Skinless Chicken Thighs $4.39/Lb.

Fresh All Natural chicken marinated in assorted gourmet flavors. Great for stir fry’s or fajitas.

Local All Beef Schwarz Jumbo Skinless Franks $6.99/Lb.

Just heat and serve or toss on the grill. Schwarz been perfecting their products for over 100 years. Get to know the taste of Schwarz.