Fresh & Flavorful

Organic Yams

These classic baking yams are wonderful served with a sweet toasted marshmallows or cut up and roasted in the oven just like potatoes. USA grown.


Supporting local

Supporting our local growers here in Sonoma County.

California and Sonoma County in particular is bountiful when it comes to fresh produce. We are lucky to be surrounded by local growers and family farms, they are our friends, neighbors and part of our community here at Fircrest Market and we support them in every way we can. All the while bringing you the best in fresh produce our area has to offer.

Organic Yellow or Red Onions 99¢/Lb.

From soups to sandwiches and from appetizers and salads, onions add color, texture and flavor to your favorite recipes. USA grown.

Fresh squeezed

Orange juice fresh squeezed in our store

Every week we take the freshest oranges we can find and squeeze some of the best fresh orange juice. This is some of the freshest orange juice you can find without all the added stuff you don’t want. Just like nature intended.

Fresh Hass Avocados 99¢/Ea.

These are the Hass variety, terrific for guacamole and at a very nice produce price. Imported.

Fresh Organic Assorted Winter Squash 99¢/Lb.

Great for puréeing, roasting and baking for soups, main dishes, vegetable side dishes, even breads, custards and pies. USA grown.

Fresh Roma Tomatoes 89¢/Lb.

These ripe tomatoes are great for salsas, sliced for salads, diced for taco night or stewed for sauces. USA grown.

The Seasons best

Our selection of fresh seasonal produce.

With each Season comes a bounty full of unique flavors that bring back memories of enjoying sweet strawberries in the Summer sun. The warm feeling of gathering around a table with your friends and family with a bowl full of hearty winter vegetables in a soup your mother used to make. Our buyers at Fricrest Market make sure you have all the Seasons best flavors to choose from. 

Fresh Bunched Cilantro 2 For 98¢

Fresh bunches are wonderful for adding to salads or your favorite Mexican dishes. USA grown.

Fresh Assorted Peppers 79¢/Lb.

Choose from Green Bell Pepper, Jalapeño or Pasilla. Great for spinning up your dishes, USA grown or Imported.