Locally Owned

Since 1961

Dave and Mark, twin brothers, have owned Sebastopol’s Fircrest Market since 1993. They were born and raised in Marin county, and gained their expertise at an early age, since their father was a grocer as well. Fircrest Market has been part of Sebastopol since 1961 serving our friends and neighbors and the surrounding communities!

Mark and Dave, owners of Fircrest Market

Part of the community

Supporting our local economy with over 48 employee’s

Here at Fircrest Market we like to say we are the “Little store that saves you more.” We work every day to bring you the freshest and best items for you and your family. After all you are our friends, neighbors, employees and business partners. As part of our community we take our carbon footprint seriously. In the past years we have made many energy upgrades in our store. We have been replacing old worn out equipment with newer and more efficient refrigeration and display fixtures and continue to make more improvements to reduce our carbon footprint. 

998 Gravenstein Highway S.

Sebastopol, California 95472​

We are open Monday to Saturday 8am to 9pm
Sundays 9am to 8pm
Phone (707) 823-9171