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Monterey’s cooling fog and Pacific coastal breezes draw across the mountains and valleys, creating an ideal climate for growing Chardonnay. Moderate temperatures lengthen the growing season, allowing fruit to evolve with layers of distinct Central Coast flavors. Monterey County. 750 ml. Bottle


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Our aisles are packed full of amazing wines that won’t break the bank while bringing that extra touch to your dinners at home. Every week we scour our selection of wines to bring you a hand selected wine for our weekly special. So grab a bottle and let the sound that one hears when a cork is removed from the neck of a wine bottle invite you to a relaxing evening and the world of fine flavors. 

Bonterra Sauvignon Blanc $9.69

California. 750 ml. Bottle
Intense aromas of grapefruit, citrus, kiwi and fresh‑cut grass greet the nose. As you drink, the crisp acidity gives the wine a fresh vibrancy enhanced by flavors of grapefruit, lime zest and sweet meadow grass.

Deloach Pinot Noir $9.19

Central Coast. 750 ml. Bottle
This luxurious textured and medium bodied wine displays balanced acidity and finishes with a elegant, smooth mouthfeel with notes of honeysuckle. This is a crisp wine with a nicely integrated finish.

Pezzi King Zinfandel $15.88

Dry Creek Valley. 750 ml. Bottle
Delightful aromatics full of juicy berry pie, vanilla bean and sweet oak. Lush flavors of cherries, violets, and candied cranberries layered on top of spicy pepper are harmonized with velvet tannin that dance on as the finish keeps you enchanted.

Wilson Rosé of Zinfandel $14.99

Dry Creek Valley. 750 ml. Bottle
Aromas of bright red fruit, citrus, and sweet notes greet the nose. The palate is bursting with watermelon jolly rancher, strawberry, and rose petals. The finish is balanced with medium acidity and smooth tannins.

La Playa Cabernet Sauvignon $5.97

Chile. 750 ml. Bottle
La Playa wines have always been farmed sustainably. Our early motivation in using these green practices was easy: Sustainable grapes yield the cleanest and more pure varietals.

Our favorite local brews

A diverse local selection of beers from

Lagunitas began in a storage shed in the town next to Lagunitas, California which Tony thought had a cool-sounding name. The brews brewed their ranged from vile and repugnant, to delicate and exceptional. And then came the IPA we know and love today. Eventually, Lagunitas grew out of its shed and moved just down the road to Petaluma, bringing delicious IPA and the Lagunitas name with itt.


Fircrest proudly supports local micro brewed craft beers.

G's Ginger Beer $14.99+crv

Selected Varieties. 4 Pack/16 oz. Cans

Eel River IPA or Amber Ale $11.69+crv

6 Pack/12 oz. Bottles