Local for over 50 years

We love being your local market and serving our community.

Fircrest Market has been here for since 1961 the current owners Dave and Mark following in their father’s foot steps have been carrying on the tradition of serving our local community here in Sonoma County. 

Numi Tea Organic Tea $5.49

Made using premium quality, hand‑picked organic and fair trade teas and herbs, blended with only real fruits, flowers and spices. Nothing else. Selected Varieties. 18 Count Box.

Straus Family Creamery Organic Whole Milk Yogurt $4.79

Crafted from the highest quality, organic milk from twelve, small family farms along the northern California coast. Selected Varieties. 32 oz. Tub.

Rao's Pasta Sauce $7.79

Cooked in small batches with high‑quality ingredients. Made with high‑quality, wholesome ingredients including tomatoes, olive oil, onions, garlic, basil, and oregano. Selected Varieties. 24 oz. Jar.

Kind Mixed Nut Bar 3 For $5

These bars are where Kind’s journey started and it was simple: whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with fruits and spices bound together with honey. Selected Varieties. 1.4 oz. Bar.

Kind Healthy Grains Granola $4.79

Made with delicious a blend of ingredients, including oats, buckwheat, millet, amaranth, and quinoa. Great for a health snack at work or on the trail. Selected Varieties. 11 oz. Package.

Soy Vay Veri Veri Teriyaki Marinade & Sauce $4.49

Creating absurdly loyal teriyaki fans since it graced its first stir‑fry in the ‘80s, Veri Veri Teriyaki blend will take any food from “meh” to mind‑blowing. Selected Varieties. 20‑21 oz. Bottle.

The best of both worlds

With a great selection of both natural and conventional items

Throughout the center of our store you can find the best in conventional and natural items. We are particularly proud of our extensive selection of specialty and gourmet items. Items from around the world to bring that authentic taste to your table.

Oroweat Sliced Bread $3.99

Selected Varieties. 24 oz. Package

Pillsbury Crust, Grands! or Rolls $2.69

Selected Varieties. 8‑16.3 oz. Canister

Florida’s Natural Juice 2 For $7

Selected Varieties. 52 oz. Carton

Folgers Coffee $8.99

Selected Varieties. 22.6‑25.9 oz. Canister

Nabisco Family Size Snack Crackers $3.99

Selected Varieties. 11.5‑14 oz. Package

Doritos or Ruffles Chips $3.99

Selected Varieties. 7.25‑10.75 oz. Bag

Quaker Rice Cakes 2 For $7

Selected Varieties. 4.47‑7.23 oz. Package

Vlasic Relish $1.69

Selected Varieties. 9‑10 oz. Jar

Vlasic Pickles 2 For $6

Selected Varieties. 16‑24 oz. Jar

Jif Peanut Butter 2 For $6

Selected Varieties. 15.5‑16 oz. Jar

Local and delicious

Local creameries to bring wholesomeness to your table.

Here in Sebastopol we are lucky to have some of the best creameries right next door. The highest quality dairy products made in the most conscious ways possible from both Clover Sonoma and Petaluma Creamery.

Crystal Geyser Alpine Spring Water $3.99+crv

24 16.9 oz. Bottles

Cheetos or Fritos Chips $4.49

Selected Varieties. 6.5‑10 oz. Bag

Birds Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables 4 For $5

Selected Varieties. 10 oz. Package

Marie Callender’s Pot Pies 2 For $7

Selected Varieties. 14‑15 oz. Package

Oui Yogurt 2 For $3

Selected Varieties. 5‑5.3 oz. Jar

Werther’s Candy 2 For $5

Selected Varieties. 2.75‑5.5 oz. Package

Shasta Soft Drinks 2 For $9+crv

Selected Varieties. 12 Pack/12 oz. Cans

Swiss Miss Hot Cocoa Mix 2 For $5

Selected Varieties. 8 Count Package

Tide Laundry Detergent $14.99

Selected Varieties. 92 oz. Jug

Meow Mix Dry Cat Food $6.99

Selected Varieties. 3‑3.15 Lb. Bag

IGA or Best Yet Broth 2 For $3

Selected Varieties. 32 oz. Carton

Marie Callender’s Meals 2 For $7

Selected Varieties. 10.5‑14 oz. Package

Best Yet Blueberries $3.99

16 oz. Package

Best Yet Fruit $2.99

Selected Varieties. 12‑16 oz. Package

Birds Eye Steam Fresh Vegetables 2 For $5

Selected Varieties. 10.8 oz. Package

C&W Vegetables 2 For $5

Selected Varieties. 14‑16 oz. Package