Local for over 50 years

We love being your local market and serving our community.

Fircrest Market has been here for since 1961 the current owners Dave and Mark following in their father’s foot steps have been carrying on the tradition of serving our local community here in Sonoma County. 

Endangered Species Chocolate Bar $2.79

Endangered Species chocolate has only a handful of real, responsibly sourced ingredients with absolutely zero artificial sweeteners or additives. Selected Varieties. 3 oz. Bar

Mount Hagen Organic Instant Coffee $8.19

A sip of this rich, smooth coffee is a taste of its pampered history in the paradise of Mount Hagen, Papua New Guinea. 3.63 oz. Container

Kind Nut Bars 3 For $5

These bars are where Kind’s journey started and it was simple: whole ingredients like nuts, mixed with fruits and spices bound together with honey. Selected Varieties. 1.4 oz. Bar

Stacy's Pita Chips $3.29

Seasoned with sea salt, these bagel chips are a tasty anytime snack. Great served with a creamy spinach or artichoke dip. Selected Varieties. 7.33 oz. Bag

Garden of Eatin' Tortilla Chips $2.79

Garden of Eatin’ Blue Corn Tortilla Chips are made to bring color to any occasion, simply enjoy on their own or with your favorite dip! Selected Varieties. 5.5 oz. Bag

Bear Naked Granola $4.99

Bear Naked granolas are made from the finest, Non‑GMO Project Verified ingredients. You won’t be able to keep your paws off them! Selected Varieties. 12 oz. Package

The best of both worlds

With a great selection of both natural and conventional items

Throughout the center of our store you can find the best in conventional and natural items. We are particularly proud of our extensive selection of specialty and gourmet items. Items from around the world to bring that authentic taste to your table.

Lay’s Classic or Kettle Cooked Potato Chips $3.49

Selected Varieties. 5‑8 oz. Bag

Cheetos or Fritos Chips $4.49

Selected Varieties. 6.5‑10 oz. Bag

Nabisco Snack Crackers 2 For $7

Selected Varieties. 3.5‑8.5 oz. Bag

Kraft Velveeta Cheese $5.99

16 oz. Package

Nabisco Easy Cheese $4.99

Selected Varieties. 8 oz. Aerosol Can

Quaker Rice Cakes 2 For $6

Selected Varieties. 4.47‑7.23 oz. Package

Mahatma Long Grain Rice $5.99

Selected Varieties. 5 Lb. Bag

Dennison’s Chili With Beans $1.99

Selected Varieties. 15 oz. Can

V8 Vegetable Juice 2 For $7+crv

Selected Varieties. 46 oz. Bottle

Mott’s Apple Juice 2 For $7

Selected Varieties. 64 oz. Bottle

Local and delicious

Local creameries to bring wholesomeness to your table.

Here in Sebastopol we are lucky to have some of the best creameries right next door. The highest quality dairy products made in the most conscious ways possible from both Clover Sonoma and Petaluma Creamery.

Talenti Gelato $4.99

Selected Varieties. 16 oz. Tub

Post Great Grains Cereal 2 For $8

Selected Varieties. 13‑16 oz. Box

Kellogg’s Pop Tarts $2.69

Selected Varieties. 8 Count Package

Log Cabin Syrup 2 For $5

Selected Varieties. 12 oz. Bottle

Gold Peak Tea $2.29+crv

Selected Varieties. 52 oz. Bottle

Martinelli’s Apple Juice or Cider 2 For $6+crv

33.8 oz. Bottle

Tic Tac Mints 4 For $5

Selected Varieties. 1 oz. Canister

Pledge Cleaners $5.99

Selected Varieties. 9.7 oz. Aerosol Can

Palmolive Dish Soap $4.49

Selected Varieties. 32.5 oz. Bottle

Cottonelle Bath Tissue $8.99

Selected Varieties. 6 Mega Roll Package

IGA or Best Yet Paper Towels $1.99

Single Roll Package

IGA or Best Yet Honey $3.99

12 oz. Bottle

IGA or Best Yet Apple Cider Vinegar $5.49

1 Gallon Jug

Pillsbury Grands! Biscuits 2 For $5

Selected Varieties. 16.3 oz. Canister

Chobani Greek Yogurt 4 For $5

Selected Varieties. 4.5‑5.2 oz. Cup

Lactaid Milk $3.99

Selected Varieties. 52‑64 oz. Carton